Without proper maintenance, your driveway can be left covered in fungal growth, oil stains, weeds, moss and algae. It’s not very nice to look at, and it can even cause permanent damage.

Preen & Clean provide a professional cleaning service to all driveways, patios and paths using our high-powered specialist pressure washing equipment. This brings your surface back to it’s original appearance, without the need for costly fixes.

Why should I have my driveway or patio professionally cleaned?

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Protect your surfaces

A dirty driveway is a breeding ground for algae, mould, moss and mildew – all of which can cause permanent damage

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Improve your curb appeal

A clean driveway just looks nicemakes your property look nice. When you arrive home from work every day, a beautifully clean driveway is much more appealing than a drab, dirty one.one that is dirty.

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Save time

Manually cleaning your drive takes up a lot of your precious time, and wouldn’t you rather spend your free time doing something fun? Our professional driveway cleaning service can get the job done much faster. while you do the things you enjoy.

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Protect the environment

Cleaning your driveway also removes naturally occurring pollutants, such as smoke, from settling on your surface.

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Restore your driveway’s look.

If your driveway has seen better days, you don’t need to jump to any drastic measures like replacing it completely. Our driveway & patio cleaning solution can leave your surface looking like new.

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We don’t just stop at cleaning the surface either – we pre-treat the driveway or patio to kill any weeds and prevent regrowth. We also offer an additional seal treatment after the clean, which will reduce the need for maintenance and increase the longevity of your surface.

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