First impressions mean a lot. Keeping your windows clean not only makes your home look it’s best, it shows others that you care about your home and take pride in its appearance.

Preen & Clean offer the finest professional residential window cleaning services. Our cutting-edge eco-friendly pure-water fed pole system ensures you get a spotless shine every time We are proud to work long days, all year round, and we only employ the most trustworthy and skilled operators. We use only pure water technology, which gives streak-free results every time, and we clean the entire window: glass, frames and sills and doors. We spend far longer than the average window cleaners, getting into every nook and cranny which traditional cleaners often miss.

Why should I get regular window cleans?

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Prevents damage

Getting your windows cleaned regularly helps prevent damage, and reduces the amount you’ll need to spend on restoration in the long run.

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First Impressions

Keeping your windows clean drastically improves the look of your home, and shows that you care about your property.

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Natural Light

Dirty windows don’t allow as much light to get into a room, and gives a dark, dingy feel. Regular cleans help to keep your home bright and airy.

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Health and Hygiene

Over time, if left un-cleaned, dirt and grime will build up on the surface your window, and can start to penetrate into the inside of your home.

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Protect your windows

Glass is porous, and as such collects dirt and grime. If left, this can make your glass become fragile or permanently marked.

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We’ll clean your windows on a reliable schedule, every four to eight weeks – we’ll discuss the exact frequency with you when you request a quote. We always notify you before we arrive.

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